Learning Matters

Monday, May 02, 2005

ISP Annual Meeting II-Transitions

A significant change this year is that the state transport/managed video core is upgrading to a new, converged IP system. This state network is distinct from the state's primary educational ISP. This entails some changes in how traffic ITp's to the POP's and then to the ISP core, which takes it to the common Internet, Internet2, what have you. Although there are some substantial engineering challenges with the transition, as a business decision I think it is pretty straightforward as long as you remember that transport and Internet service are two separate goods to be purchased.

Another change that the cooperative ISP is implementing this year is greenlighting the creation of ad hoc member working groups to develop value-added services. The goal is to share ideas, achieve economies of scale by collaborating at the cooperative level, and to decentralize/flatten some of the decision making so that the pace of advance continues. Not something likely to happen with a corporate ISP!